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Sundance Squids Chapter 10
A few days have gone by since Splotch and Cassquiddy had rescued the Great Zapfish.  Splotch was in his bedroom resting up for the upcoming Splatfest for tonight.  There was a knock on the Kalmarr’s apartment door.  Mr. Kalmarr opens the door and he is surprised to see Marie at his doorstep.
“Hey there, is Splotch Kalmarr here?” asked the green Squid Sister nonchalantly.
“What do you want with one of my boys?” Mr. Kalmarr asked back.
“He’s like a major celebrity now since he and his friend saved our Zapfish.  Callie and I would like to do something to show our gratitude for them.” Answered Marie.
Splotch begins wandering around the apartment.  Splotch turns to say hello to his dad, but is shocked to see Marie with him.
“EEEE!  A celebrity right at my doorstep.” Exclaimed Splotch as he ran up to the green Squid Sister.
“Heya, Splotch!  How does appearing on stage with me Callie for Splat
:icondave-sledge-bro:Dave-Sledge-Bro 1 0
Sundance Squids Chapter 9
Cassquiddy is standing in the middle of the central plaza watching Sheldon, the owner of Ammo Knights, blowing the glued-down Inklings with a blow dryer.  The rubber cement that the Inklings are trapped in dries up due to the hot blast of air blowing on it.  Sheldon then takes out chiseling tools and begins chipping away at the brittle substance.  A car drives up right in front of Cassquiddy.  Splotch emerges from the passenger’s side while changing into his Hero Gear.
“Thanks for dropping me off at such short notice, Mom.”  Said as he turned towards the car.
An adult Caucasian female Inkling with red-orange tentacles and clothes decorated with green, fuchsia and teal wavy stripes walks out of car and approaches Splotch and Cassquiddy.
“I still can’t believe what that crusty old barnacle is having you do.” Said Mrs. Kalmarr “But I suppose if no one stands up to the Octarians, all of us will suffer.”
“We won&
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Some Random Thoughts
So I'm feeling kind of down and uninspired today. It's not really anxiety it's just me feeling sad, which yes there is a difference. I don't know. Maybe it's summertime blues or that my time of the month is edging closer. Either way I don't feel good.
I recently had someone comment on a holiday poster I made back in 2014. It was a Hanukkah themed one, which was made for a Jewish friend who is no longer active on DA. I screened all of them by her and she found them funny. The person who commented said she found it offensive. I don't make any fanfiction/poster/or any form of art for that matter with the intent to hurt someone's feelings. I did apologize in case you're wondering.
The poster in case you're wondering as well is of Harold's rabbi telling him that Santa won't come visit him, which is pretty much in line with Harold's character. It was less about Jewish kids in general wishing for Santa Claus and Harold being Harold and wanting everything handed to him.
This situation however
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Philip Mekeel
United States
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I'm a lifelong Nintendo fan. My favorite game series are Super Mario Bros, Pokémon, Earthbound and Shantae.

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I have been extremely frustrated with the political climate that's been around for the past several months.  The whole internet has unanimously agreed that Donald Trump is the best man to ever become President of the United States of America, but for some reason that statement feels so wrong to me.  Many people I've seen who support Donald Trump appear so anti-social, embracing the privilege to judge everyone as negative stereotypes.  They are generally proud to be rude and obnoxious.  With the outrageous statements Trump supporters make, I'd expect that they'd never apologize for accidentally hitting someone while opening a door, and would instead mock that person for standing in the way.  However, there are a couple of conservative talking points that are starting to make sense to me:
1. I can't really defend transgenders because there is no way to explain what a transgendered person is with making schlim or schler sound like they're mutants.
2. Illegal immigration is a problem that needs to be dealt with.  Look at France, Germany and Britain.  Murder and rape has been going up for past several months all because a lack of proper background checks on everyone comes in or out of those countries.

I can't quite agree with the conservative view on feminism because they car emore about stopping women from abusing men than ending gender segregation.  Gun rights are a bit of problem because of Switzerland.  Sure everyone in Switzerland has a gun, but the country's only line of defense is private citizens since it has no standing army.  That means more red tape than some five-day waiting period when it comes to getting that gun.  I'd go into more detail here, but th battery on my Wii U gamepad needs to recharge.




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